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“A wonderful week spent at the Trullo Cicerone in the Valle d’Itria, Puglia, enjoying our shared passion of photography. Lessons, conversations, trips, tips and mentoring all made possible with the generosity of this man –  thank you for your time, wisdom and sharing your life’s photographic adventures and stories. Also a huge thank you to Ursula: your knowledge of the history and traditions of this area brought the ‘why’ in our storytelling to life. Together you create an amazing experience. Not to mention the wonderful food.”

Sally, Australia

Laboratorio di fotografia in Valle d’Itria

4-13 agosto 2023

Speriamo che entro l’estate sia possibile vedere la gente, uscire, muoversi, e non vediamo ora di accogliere di nuovo gli ospiti. Perciò abbiamo deciso di annunciare già qualche workshop per quest’estate, dandovi la possibilità prenotare senza pagamento in anticipo. 
Questo laboratorio è diretto agli appassionati di fotografia che mirano a migliorare le capacità del linguaggio fotografico, gli aspetti tecnici, la composizione, storytelling e l’importanza sociale e storica delle immagini. 

Il workshop si svolge dal 4 al 13 agosto e prevede 4 sessioni teoriche presso lo studio di Manoocher nella campagna di Martina Franca, un assignment fotografico individuale per ogni partecipante e un giro di street photography accompagnato da Manoocher. 

Il costo totale è di 300,- Euro a partecipante. Maggiori informazioni su o cell. 3388787846. 

Workshop: Street photography for timid people

Dates upon request

Learn from a globally renowned photojournalist at his vineyard in the picturesque Valle d’Itria: This workshop with Manoocher Deghati will be focused on how to approach people and how to establish a friendly relationship to make everyone feel comfortable with taking photos and having their photos taken. Then you’ll venture into charming nearby towns to develop your skills.

The workshop will take place over a period of 5 consecutive days, with two sessions, one theoretical and one practical, per day.

We’re hoping that by summer traveling will be possible and we are eager to welcome guests again. Therefore we decided to already announce some photography workshops for this summer, giving you the possibility to make a reservation without payment in advance. 

You can choose to stay in our small charming family B&B, Trullo Cicerone in the Apulian countryside near Martina Franca, or in our yurt (according to availability). Maximum number of participants: 6

Duration: 5 days. Please contact us for exact dates.

Price per person without accommodation: € 1,400.-, with one-week accommodation including breakfast and aperitifs: € 1,900.-

Ability to drive a car strongly recommended.

For more information contact us at 

Photo Workshop: Settimana Santa – The Holy Week in the Valle d’Itria

When Easter gets close, Puglia starts with its traditions, processions, and above all, its kitchens. Long processions spread all over the little streets of the small towns, and kitchens start to cook for this joyful event.
With its stunning nature and number of picturesque towns, Puglia province provides one of the most authentic experiences of traditional Easter celebrations.
Join culinary historian Ursula and world-renowned photojournalist Manoocher on their sustainable farm estate in southern Italy to witness the historic festivities through food, photography, and celebrations.
During the week, you’ll witness the ceremonies through your camera lens, learn to cook and savor historical cuisine from the region, and stay in a traditional Trullo typical of this region.
This opportunity offers a unique view of the region’s traditional Holy Week celebrations, from the eerie Quarantana to the moving “Processione della Desolata.”

The workshop is designed for all passionates of photography. It focuses especially on developing mind and eye for choosing the right angle and frame, as well as on developing a story.

The programme takes place in the pittoresque Valle d’Itria between Martina Franca, Cisternino and Locorotondo, on our small-scale farm home and vinyard. 

See the itinerary and details below.

The Itinerary

Wednesday, April 5
Arrival and Welcome Dinner.

Thursday, April 6
Morning: We’ll start the day with a photo-sharing session. You will share a small collection of your photographs – amateur or professional – and Manoocher will provide tips on how to get camera ready for the week.
Lunch: Historical Maundy Thursday lunch based on wild herbs (“Green Thursday“)
Evening: We’ll head to Noicattaro to see the Maundy Thursday rites. It is a Penitential procession of the crucifiers where men are dressed in black clothes, face covered, in chains and carrying crosses, and light a giant bonfire.

Friday, April 7
Morning: We’ll review and discuss photos from the previous day.
Lunch: Traditional Holy Friday vegetarian lunch.
Evening 7pm: We’ll head to Alberobello, the famous trulli town and UNESCO World Heritage Site to witness Passione Vivente (life passion). More than 200 crowd actors move around a natural stage made of stone and olive trees, and then through the streets, giving voice to the Gospels. A classic of Apulian Easter, it draws in thousands of believers and visitors from every corner of Italy, poised between myth, mystique and faith.

Saturday, April 8
Holy Saturday morning: This will be a big day in Canosa to see Processione della: a procession where hundreds of women dressed in black, their faces veiled, commemorate the sufferings of Mary, Christ’s mother.
Easter Eve: We’ll return to Martina Franca for Il Sparo della Quarantena celebrations: On this evening the Quarantana (lent witch) is burned, marking the end of lent. Dinner: We’ll go out for one of the best local wood-oven baked pizza.

Sunday, April 9
Easter Sunday is a day of celebration within the family, which is spent eating and drinking throughout the day. We will cook together and share a traditional Easter lunch.

Monday, April 10
Morning – Afternoon: On Easter Monday (Pasquetta), literally everybody is outdoors for a traditional, sumptuous Pasquetta lunch. Ursula will prepare a medieval feast with you and give an introduction into medieval cooking, with possibilities for food photography.
Evening: We’ll gather with wine and snacks to review everyone’s photos and stories from the experience.

Tuesday, April 11
Departure and Goodbyes.

FEES Ten day workshop per person, including ten nights accommodation: € 2,400.- The workshop fee is split into two payments, the first payment is due upon registration. This payment confirms your stay. The second payment is due upon arrival. Please contact us for couple/family/group discounts. Participants are responsible for their own insurance. 

SPECIAL REQUESTS Please list any special needs or considerations (double/single room request, accessibility needs, food preferences, allergies…). Thank you! 

HOW TO ARRIVE The nearest airports are Bari (1 1⁄2 h drive) and Brindisi (45 mins drive). There are trains and buses connecting the airport with the respective city centres. From there trains leave to Locorotondo or Martina Franca. Rental cars are available at both airports, as well as taxi services. We strongly recommend to organize your own transportation for the period of the workshop. 

Manoocher speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish, Farsi, Azeri, and Turkish. 

“It has been an amazing 10 days experience. I’m so happy that I have the chance to photograph the Holy Week processions, such a unique experience.”

Chenyun, UK

What Forbes Magazine says:

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3-day photography tour: cave churches & settlements in Puglia & Basilicata.

Puglia’s history is carved in stone. Travel back in time and discover the ancient civilizations that sprouted from these rocky caves.
The breathtaking Mediterranean canyons known as gravine (ravines) or lame will amaze you with their steep cliffs and rupestrian architecture hidden beneath the luxuriant vegetation. Explore hermits’ secret shelters and admire the remains of ancient villages with their frescoed churches and crypts chiseled in stone.

The cost for a three-day photo tour including accommodation and breakfast is 1,200,-. Please contact us for couple/family/group discounts. Participants are responsible for their own insurance. 

HOW TO ARRIVE The nearest airports are Bari (1 1⁄2 h drive) and Brindisi (45 mins drive). There are trains and buses connecting the airport with the respective city centres. From there trains leave to Locorotondo or Martina Franca. Rental cars are available at both airports, as well as taxi services. We strongly recommend to organize your own transportation for the period of the workshop. 

“I participated in Manoocher’s photography workshop in Puglia in June. I found it to be an extremely beneficial and insightful experience. Manoocher helped me develop my visual (photographic) story-telling abilities as well as my personal vision. During the workshop I was able to enhance my technical and compositional skills through on-going review of my work. Manoocher is a very experienced and accomplished photographer as well as an excellent teacher. His approach is very hands-on and friendly. In addition, I was able to explore many beautiful scenic and cultural aspects of Puglia during the workshop as well as stay at his wonderful Trullo Cicerone, share wonderful moments with his family, and learn from the amazing culinary expertise of his archaeologist wife, Ursula. I would strongly recommend Manoocher’s photography workshop.”

Natalie, USA

Photography walks in Matera, Taranto or Bari


Matera is best known for its extensive cave-dwelling districts, the “Sassi”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. A stunning backdrop of stairways and narrow lanes, cave-houses carved out of the rock, rock churches with beautiful frescoes, and elegant buildings, steeped in history and art. Matera is the European Capital of Culture 2019 and offers plenty of attractions. It is well worth visiting the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, which consists of more than 150 rock churches, filled with ancient spirituality. 


With its rich concentration of history, Taranto, known as “the city of two seas,” is entwined with the sea and unravels its mysteries in its authentic ancient centre amidst noble mansions and underground jewels.


Bari’s historic centre is a city within a city, a maze of narrow alleys, courtyards, historical palaces, and bars. It houses approximately 30 churches and many wonderful buildings, such as the Basilica of San Nicola, the Cathedral of San Sabino, and the Norman-Swabian Castle built by Frederick II. Stretching along Italy’s longest seafront, Old Bari is the ancient heart of the city. Visitors are accompanied by the aroma of clean laundry and freshly-baked focaccia and by the sight of fresh pasta drying in doorways, as they walk through the old city. 

The cost for a three hour photo walk is € 100.- per person. Minimum number of persons: 4

“The Photography workshop offered wonderful opportunities  to become immersed in the culture of Apulia- living in a Trullo, eating fresh orecchietti with broccoli, drinking wines from the local vineyard, visiting medieval towns, seeing poppies in bloom and of course  documenting all of the above through photography and dining with our kind hosts, Manoocher, Ursula, and Clara. I recommend this experience for people who like to get off the beaten path and live a local life.”

Robyn, USA

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